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Collier, Anne
Arudia Executive Coaching & Development

E15: Creating Your Personal Brand
Track: Living Your Life Well

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 09:45 AM

Responses Received: 29

Speaker Ratings:
Collier, Anne: (3.8 out of 4)

Overall Comments:
- please bring her back again
- the class was packed and I sat on the floor for as long as I could, then stood for as long as I could--needed bigger room---have her back and give her more space. She is excellent!
- One of the best talks I saw.
- I wish there had been a part 2

Impact on Professional Behavior:
- becoming more valuable by improving personal strengths.
- I am branding myself and our organization every day and I now have more tools
- Great ideas in terms of branding yourself.
- Describing myself/my brand using the same words I would for my favorite product brand is the BEST idea ever.
- To be able to sell yourself, you have to be able to know your strengths and how to define them to the potential buyer. Great stuff.
- Currently I am working on developing my brand and I am changing up how I approach certain situations.
- Have begun using her overview in my life
- I worked with my team on developing OUR brand.
- I am looking at my objective on my resume, reviewing the impression I create with others.